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Gradeline Service Areas

Civil Contracting Services

Gradeline is the first choice for seasoned civil contracting, enabling you to move your next construction project forward on time and within budget. We’re a team of licensed and fully insured professionals with all the tools, equipment, and training needed to transform a plot of land into a busy construction site.


New development can only begin once an old structure is effectively and completely demolished, making room for new life. It takes a skilled professional to prepare a site by demolishing an old structure and laying the groundwork for a new structure.

Earth Moving

Gradeline is a name you can trust for all of your heavy lifting. Our earth moving services are a great asset for any building project or situation where you need to move a lot of dirt and rock.

Excavation Company

Gradeline is the company to contact if you need digging of any shape or size for your property. Our certified team of excavation contractors offers a wide range of services that will help you complete any project correctly and on schedule.

Excavation Contractor

From building a road to planting a garden, excavators are called on to complete dozens of unique projects. If you are seeking the assistance of a well-rounded and well-equipped excavation company, Gradeline wishes to offer our services.

Land Clearing Services

Are you looking for celebrated contractors specializing in land clearing services that effectively prepare a property for development? Gradeline is your answer to a smooth site preparation process. From debris removal to complete tree removal, our team does it all.

Sewers Underground Utilities

When it comes to excavation, working with sewers and other underground utilities requires a lot of skill and knowledge. That’s why as a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, it’s important to have the number of experienced plumbing and excavation contractors on hand at all times.

Site Preparation Contractor

If you’re searching for civil contractors specializing in residential and commercial site preparation, the professionals at Gradeline's are top choice. Ranked among the finest local civil contracting companies, we ensure the initial stages of construction projects go according to plan. We grade, level, and excavate sites to prepare for successful, smooth construction processes.

Site Preparation Services

Site preparation is necessary at the onset of any building project. If you are in the market for site preparation, you need to hire a professional excavation team—that’s where we come in.

Trenching Services

While often overlooked, trenches play a crucial role in many construction projects. Trenches are most commonly used to store pipes and utilities underground that will be used to power the household or business on the property. Digging trenches is not as easy as it’s cracked up to be, and hiring a professional team is always a smart idea.

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